Ideas needed.

From: "Laura Bashlor" <>
Subject: Ideas needed.
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 07:56:22 -0500

For all teachers involved in "Live From..." or other electronic projects,

A new problem just surfaced.  I am going to be out of the classroom for
from 2 to 3 weeks (operation).  We are short of substitute teachers in
Michigan and using some who do little more than baby-sit.  I was asked to
just have a LOT of reading and writing for the three science classes...all
bookwork because that is all the sub can do and if the students aren't kept
VERY busy they will be uncontrolled.

What happens to all of  my work on Antarctica, Mars, technology, Lab
Activities?  Why aren't students leaving college able to do more than

My own daughter is in her senior year at "the best" teacher college in
Michigan and there have been NO technology nor classroom management classes
offered.  She has had two 4 credit linguistic classes, however, and as I
look at what is being presented I don't see them as relevant.  No wonder we
have substitute teachers who have no classroom skills.  

I wonder if I will be able to pick up where I left off with the students or
if all will have been lost with only a few days back in the classroom
before Spring Vacation and then a few more weeks until end of the year.  My
March Morning Star/Comet watch party plans, needless to say have been
canceled.  Any ideas?

Laura Bashlor
Shumate Middle School
Gibraltar, Michigan
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