NASA Television Signal Gets a New Home

From: (by way of Jan Wee <>)
Subject: NASA Television Signal Gets a New Home
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 14:24:19 -0600

Dear All,

This news release just arrived and it has some significant impact
for many of you!

Jan Wee, PTK Education Outreach Coordinator


Deanna Corridon
Headquarters, Washington, DC       February 25, 1997
(Phone:  202/358-1733)

RELEASE:  N97-11


     On March 15, NASA Television will begin broadcasting via a 
new satellite that will allow reception by a wider audience 
throughout the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.  NASA 
Television is designed to provide real-time coverage of Agency 
activities and missions as well as resource video to the news 
media, and educational programming to teachers, students and the 
general public. 

     NTV currently is transmitted on the Spacenet 2 satellite, 
which is nearing the end of its life cycle.  The GE-2 satellite, 
which was launched in January and is operated by GE Americom, will 
provide NASA TV with a larger "footprint," or coverage area.

     Effective March 15, NTV will be available on GE-2, 
Transponder 9C at 85 degrees West longitude, vertical 
polarization, with a frequency of 3880 Mhz, and audio of 6.8 Mhz.


     For more information about NASA Television, including program 
scheduling, please visit the NASA Television home page on the 
World Wide Web at URL: