From: jgalla@orca.esd114.wednet.edu (John Gallagher)
Subject: Hale_Bopp
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 12:42:43 -0800

I saw Hale-Bopp for the second time here (Port Angeles WA) today!  It was
great!  I am not a morning person however so I cannot inspire myself to
drive the 5 short miles into Olympic National Park away from all of the
city lights.  Hyakutake stretched all the way through the Dipper from there
last year.  From my home Hale-Bopp still looked fuzzy to the naked eye this
morning and I could view its tail with my binoculars.  Lasted only 15
minutes however before the sunlight started glaring it out.

We are holding a Star Party on March 13.  Hale-Bopp should be visible just
after sunset, Mars rises just after sunset, and Saturn will be setting just
after sunset.

We are also hoping to have one for the partial eclipse on the 23rd.
Anybody know if the eclipse will be visible from the NW corner of the US