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> You all might consider contacting local astronomical 
>groups or parents with telescopes and see if they're willing to come out for
>a comet night .  Should be good Mars viewing then, too.

This really works!  Here in La Canada, California, I was able to have one of
our parents (a JPL employee AND an avid astronomer) help us with our
MarsWatch "kick-off" session by coming out to our school last week with his
telescopes and vast knowledge.  Earlier, we had built an instrument with a
protractor (1/2 of one, or 90% worth), a split straw and some masking tape
(very simple) to use to measure the degrees between Mars and adjacent stars.
 It was too early to see Mars that night, but we got the students used to
"telescope etiquette" and gave them a chance to see the Moon and Saturn (in
the Western sky).  They also got to practice their instruments (which we
called quadrants)--using the Moon and the "Seven Sisters" constellation.
 They found it took a lot more concentration using it in the night sky than
in the classroom!

In about a week we will go out again, and this time we will view Mars and try
to map its surface.  Our Mars tracking can begin in earnest then, and we will
try to translate what we see each week on to our big class star chart.  

I also called our local observatory (Griffith Park) who has a Traveling
Telescope program and would send out (for free) the telescope and an
astronomer.  We might still do this, but having our volunteer parent has
actually worked out better.  It is really worth the try to see what resources
are available.  And, we are having a lot of fun!

Theresa Hall
Paradise Canyon Elementary School

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I haven't seen Hale Bopp and it's snowing, so won't for a while, however I 
have scheduled the Denver Astronomical Society to come out to my school the 
night of April 7th.  It's a new moon and should be a prime viewing night (if 
it's not snowing!)  You all might consider contacting local astronomical 
groups or parents with telescopes and see if they're willing to come out for
comet night .  Should be good Mars viewing then, too.  For those of us who 
missed the lunar eclipse, maybe we can win this time!  jkc

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