From: (Charles F. Lindgren)
Subject: FYI
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 08:57:43 -0500 (EST)

I just saw this from NOVAE and thought some of you might be interested.

From> Josie Levine <>
Subject> Cities Through Time

I'm pleased to share the following announcement from Discovery Channel
School. As the Subject Area Manager (SAM) for the Cities Through Time, I
invite you to make use of the many resources offered by Discovery Channel
and The Learning Channel related to cities, both modern and ancient.

Beginning Monday, January 27, 1997, Discovery Channel School presents an
entirely new approach to its popular classroom series Assignment Discovery
and TLC Elementary School. Individual episodes in these series are
organized into five interdisciplinary themes. Spring 1997 themes include:
H2Oceans, Cities Through Time, Great Books, American Frontiers and Earth to


Each theme includes a full week of programming--five hours of Assignment
Discovery and one hour of TLC Elementary School, two of the most used and
highly acclaimed Cable in the Classroom series. Each theme week airs four
times, allowing teachers ample opportunity to tape the programs.
Assignment Discovery and TLC Elementary School feature segments from
Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel's prime time programming
tailored for classroom use. Commercial-free and copyright-cleared, these
programs are free for educators to tape and retain for use in the classroom
for at least one year.

Each program features on-screen discussion questions and suggested readings
and resources. Assignment Discovery airs Monday through Friday, from
9:00-10:00 AM (ET/PT) on Discovery Channel and TLC Elementary School airs
on The Learning Channel Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 AM (ET).

Discovery Channel School ( is an integral part
of the theme week approach, providing a rich library of online resources
for each program, including hands-on classroom activities, lesson plans,
connections to academic standards, and links to related sites on the world
wide web. In addition, a cadre of online educators, known as Subject Area
Managers (SAMs), lead forum discussions and provide insight on effective
use of the programming in the classroom.

Educators may also join the Discovery Channel School online mailing list to
receive weekly programming updates. To join, send e-mail to
"" and in the body of the message put only
"subscribe DCS-LITE Firstname Lastname" (without the quotes). The subject
of the message can be left blank or put "no subject."

Below you will find descriptions of each theme and exact web addresses for
each theme "home" page:

1. H2Oceans
We live on the soil, but the life of our planet revolves around water.
Programs in this theme week, "H2Oceans," help your students understand the
vital links between the underwater world -- including lakes, rivers,
marshes, bays and oceans --and their own lives. For more information,
please see:

2. Cities Through Time
The cities of antiquity are with us every day. From art to science,
discoveries made by the Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations affect our
modern world. This week, "Cities Through Time" looks at some of the people
and places that have left a lasting imprint.
And it teaches students how the history of the past has direct links to
their world. For more information, please see:

3. Great Books
Curl up with a great book this week. Assignment Discovery presents a visual
feast of books that have amused, tantalized and influenced generations of
readers throughout the world. Each program uses
interviews, film clips and reenactments to bring these great stories to
life. For more information, please see:

4. American Frontiers
American history is a kaleidoscope of images.
Colonial life, Western exploration, Indian wars and cowboy campfires are
just a few of the images presented in this week's theme, "American
Frontiers." By watching these programs, your students can learn more about
their heritage and how it connects to their own lives. For more
information, please see:

5. Earth to Mars
Although we walk on the Earth, we gaze up at the universe. From the
beginning of time, humans have puzzled over the vast space that surrounds
us. "Earth to Mars" presents programs that help teach your students the
links between the mysterious universe and our fragile planet.
They examine the history of the space age that began with Sputnik and which
now is reaching out to our closest planetary neighbor. For more
information, please see: