Re: Live From Mars Activities

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Re: Live From Mars Activities
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 07:46:07 -0600

Dear Ginny,

Great to hear that you have documented your LFM activities via
images/text backgrounders.  I don't think you will need to rewrite
the commentary...

 Each picture has like a clipboard/comment 
>board.  So I spent a couple hours labeling each one. Then,I looked up on 
>the LFM Home Page as to how to send them to the Kid's Corner.  It said to 
>send them to Lindac@ etc. etc..  When I tried to send one the comment 
>board doesn't go with the picture.  Is there anyway of sending the whole 
>slideshow? Otherwise, I won't be able to send the info on each picture 
>unless I am willing to rewrite them. Got any ideas? thanks!-

Is it possible to simply open your word processor and copy and past the
series of picture commentaries into a file?   I would think that would be
the only viable way to salvage your efforts.  You need to keep the images
and the commentary labeled so that Linda knows what fits what but I imagine
you already have a name for each image.

Hope you can get around this problem... or the other solution is to
have the company make a copy of the CD for Linda and let her pull
the images and comments off the disk IF she is willing to do this.
I CCed Linda in case she has some better ideas!

Jan Wee