proposed FCC tax on Internet use

Subject: proposed FCC tax on Internet use
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 00:29:17 -0600 (CST)

In case you haven't heard the latest bit of dirt from Washington, NOVAE 
recently reported the FCC is considering taxing internet usage.  I suppose 
this is to encourage more students and schools to use it!  I sent a copy of 
my complaint to President Clinton, since obviously the two groups aren't 
talking to each other.  Please foward this info on to anyone you feel may be 
interested in complaining about the proposed tax.  jkc


    I was just informed that the FCC requires us to be exact
    when writing them about their hearings. Our prior letters
    were probably deleted. Please write to the FCC and follow
    these guidelines.

    1. You MUST put "CC Docket No. 96-263" in the subject line.

    2. You MUST sign your message with your full name AND full
    mailing address.

    The FCC address is:

    If this is NOT done, comments will be DELETED with no
    consideration. So please write again following the above

    Send this message to as many users as you can! Or we will
    get charged by the minute for local phone service.

    Your prompt attention is very important! All phone companies
    are after this and are trying to sneak this not sit
    back and wait it out. Write today!!!

		Address mail to:
		Subject line must say: CC Docket No. 96-263
		Body of mail must state your complaint and
		your full name and mailing address.

    Cut and paste or edit & personalize the following complaint if it is
    for you:


    This letter is to protest the proposed additional per minute
    charges requested by the telephone companies. It is my belief
    that Internet usage will diminish if users were required to
    pay additional per minute charges. Your agency is supposed to
    protect consumers not the telephone company. It could hurt or
    destroy many small business' as  well as children in schools 
    it will hurt all Americans the only beneficiaries would be the
    telephone companies.