Names of Mars

Subject: Names of Mars
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 23:48:32 GMT

>From page 166 of Carl Sagan's *Broca's Brain*, here are names of Mars in various languages:

Al Qahira    Egyptian, Arabic
Ares         Greek
Auqakuh      Quechua (Inca)
Huo Hsing    Chinese
Ma'adim      Hebrew
Mangala      Sanscrit
Nirgal       Babylonian
Kasei        Japanese
Shalbatana   Akkadian
Simud        Sumerian
Tiu          Old English

The Japanese Kanji (Chinese characters) for Mars are ka, which means fire, and sei, which means star. So Kasei means fire star. There may be similar constructions in other languages.

May dragons of good fortune dance on your keyboard.

Bob Albrecht