Storage Devises / Collection Tools

From: Mellie Lewis <>
Subject: Storage Devises / Collection Tools
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 08:54:43 -0500 (EST)

Name of Teacher:		Mellie Lewis
Name of School:			Atholton Elementary
Grade level of students		Fourth
Number of students		33

Top three choices for STORAGE DEVICES
	Baggies of all sizes.  We choose this as our top pick because
	they are cheap, won't break, lightweight, and we can put 
	almost anything for collection.

	Film canisters (clear).  We choose this because we want to
	collect soil samples both on dry land and from the stream
	bed.  We thought these would be firm enough to collect the
	stream bed sample.

	Yogurt Cup with lid.  We choose this for the stream bed
	sample.  We thought we might want more of a sample than we
	could collect in the film canisters.

	Leatherman's Toolkit is our first choice.  The Leatherman's tool
	kit is just like a swiss army knife because it has a knife, blade,
	tweezers and forceps on it.  We are not allowed by School Board
	Policy to have a Swiss Army Knife, so we thought this would be a
	good substitute.

	Magnets.  We would like to include magnets in our kit so we can
	collect the iron filings from our study site.

	Multimeter.  We would like to include this because they are cheap,
	We can use it to get a light reading, pH of soil, and moisture
	of soil.

Submitted by:  Taryn, Brian, Matt and Lindsay