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Can anyone help this person?

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As part of our study of Mars, Astronomy and Space Exploration, I would like
to do a couple of lessons on astronomy in different cultures and choose one
culture from the Amercias, one from Africa, one from Asia and one from
Europe. I need to find a common thread. Initial ideas I have include: "How
did different peoples explain or see the stars and planets?" Or I could go
with calendars, or navigation... but I don't really know enough yet. Cultures
I've thought of so far are the Mayas or Incas, the ancient Egyptians,
Stonehenge, and I have no idea for Asia. But I am open to suggestions for
changing these since I don't know enough yet.

Does anybody know of any resources that would help me, curricular or just
information? I teach a 3rd-4th grade classroom.

Thank you,

Bryan Street
Pathfinder School
Seattle, Washington