Part of the Elite and Hubble

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Part of the Elite and Hubble
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 08:38:08 -0500

In Sunday's Washington Post was an excellent article on the Hubble.."Hubble
Reaches Stardom"...

The articles focuses on the change in Hubble's public image..once a symbol
of Big Science run amok, the subject of jokes, now  Hubble has become a
most honored and respected symbol of astronomy,  literally helping to write
our textbooks on planets, stars, galaxies and the evolution of the
universe. The article goes on to talk about Tuesday's Discovery's mission
to grapple this 12.5 ton observatory and replace some of its 1970s
technology with "state of the art " devices.

re:PTK's  Live from the Hubble
One paragraph particular caught my eye and made me appreciate even more all
the efforts PTK goes to take our students "to the cutting edge" of science.

The Hubble's visual acuity has created such demand that only one of every
10 proposals to use the telescope can be accepted. Since its launch in
early 1990,some 2000 lead scientists (plus their teams) in more then two
dozen countries have used the Hubble to make more than 100,000

 PTK's "Live from the Hubble Telescope" project made our students part of
this elite community. And remember when we got that extra fourth orbit!!
Truly we were part of something special. Thank you Geoff.

Washington Post site

Marilyn K. Wall