Re: Retrograde Motion of Mars--Que Tal On-line Astronomy--HaleBopp

Subject: Re: Retrograde Motion of Mars--Que Tal On-line Astronomy--HaleBopp
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 23:17:05 -0800

	I second the motion to look at QueTal newsletter.  I print this out 
monthly and post it on the board near my desk.  I often find students idley 
reading it and then something will catch their interest and they'll ask 
about it.  Several have gone to the observatory to check out things they 
read about in QueTal.  Besides the activity of graphing Mars motion and 
viewing charts, it also has some great links to other relavant sites.
	We, by the way, are planning a Comet night to view the HaleBopp comet 
with the Denver Astronomical Society.  If you have a local society, as we 
do, they are often willing to come to your school and set up nice scopes for 
the kids to use for viewing.  Although a comet is often visible without the 
scope, having one lets them see more detail and you can always look at other 
stuff, too.  Just hope we have better weather than we did for the lunar 
eclipse star count!  At least there's a longer window of opportunity for the 
comet--last week of March, first week or so of April gives you good comet 
viewing with less moonlight.  jkc

PS  Can I put in a plea for careful typing of messages--I have to print 
these all out for my classes, so the less blank lines and white space, the 
better.  Thanks!