UPDATE -- PBS Satellite Telstar 402 to carry LFA 2 Programs

From: Jan Wee <jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov>
Subject: UPDATE -- PBS Satellite Telstar 402 to carry LFA 2 Programs
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 13:12:36 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Per Gheri F's prompting regarding Telstar 401,
the message below was posted to the discuss-lfa list and
is appropriate for this list as well.  Thanks,
Gheri for reminding me!  NASA-TV still plans to broadcast
the LFA 2 programs (Jan. 23, 30 and Feb. 6th) as well
as the next Live From Mars broadcast, April 24th,
"Cruising Between the Planets" at 13:00-14:00 EST. 
Educators depending on their local PBS stations
should check local listings or call their local
PBS station for coverage plans.

Jan Wee, moderator of discuss-lfm

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>Subject: UPDATE -- PBS Satellite Telstar 402 to carry LFA 2 Programs
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>Dear All,
>Telstar 402 R
>7 Lower
>89 degrees West
>Frequency 11895 Vertical
>6.2 and 6.8 Audio
>This is a follow-up to the ALERT that was posted in the Live From 
>Antarctica 2 Update #3 online newsletter and the discuss-lfa forum.
>PBS's main satellite, Telstar 401 ceased functioning earlier this (last)
>week and action has been taken and confirmed to move the LFA 2 
>broadcasts to Telstar 402.  The above satellite coordinates are
>essential to your media/TV support person.  This message impacts
>all those who planned to access the main Telstar 401 satellite
>(Ku Band), not those who planned to access the broadcast via
>local PBS stations.  Those accessing *local* PBS stations for
>coverage should ****BE SURE to CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS**** or contact
>your local PBS station for their broacast coverage.
>Jan Wee
>Passport to Knowledge