Mars Night activities

Subject: Mars Night activities
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 19:23:59 GMT

I wrote earlier that I would put together a list of activities and
displays from our Mars Night.  We are having an inservice today so
I finally found some extra time.  I will just name the display or
activity, and if someone wants more detail just send me the question.
Star Lab Planetarium show, The Planets video, Jobs of the Future, Think 
Like a Rocket Scientist, Be an Astronaut, Make a Star Finder, Match the
Planets with Ancient Symbols, Tell Time With The Big Dipper, Planetary Cake
Walk (used to raise money for the science Dept.) Moon Phases-Can you name them
and Put them in order, Asteroid Marble Art, Make a Sextant, Bacillus
Display, Sojourner Truth Star Quilt and bio. Mine for Meteorite Dust,
Galaxy Slide Show, Starry Night and Outer Space in Chalk from the art Dept.,
Mars Colonies, Lunar Rovers, Martian Sculptures, Planetary Toolkit, Masses and
Densities of the Planets, Mars on the Internet, Elements of Mars and Earth Brochures,
Planetary Comparisons, Art and Poetry of Mars (see Kids Corner in Live From Mars)
Stream Table Displays of Erosion on Mars, Measuring the Topography of
Mars, Big and Little Rover models, Red Rover and Mars Landscapes, and finally Rocket 
and Solar System models.
Many of these activities were done by other depts. at Lake Hazel.  I will try and 
explain them to people if they ask.  Hope you enjoy out list and can use some.
As a side note, we also applied for and obtained a grant for $872.00 to help cover the
expenses.  Mars Night cost money and this was the best way to achieve the end we wanted.