From: Marc Siegel <>
Subject: administrivia
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 12:57:54 -0800 (PST)

Administrivia is a cool new vocabulary word.  It refers to
the junk that sometimes gets sent by mistake to lists like
discuss-lfm.  Things like "please unsubscribe me".

Until now, the discuss-lfm list was run with it's 
administrivia filters disabled.  That meant that everything
that was sent to the list was distributed to everybody.  
Since a few administrivia messages have been sent to the list
recently, we've decided to turn on the administrivia filters.  
So now those pesky unsubscribe messages shouldn't make it through
to you.  Good riddance.

The disadvantage is that legitimate messages with administrivia
words (like subscribe, help, etc) may also get filtered out.
I do not know the exact administrivia algorithm so I can't share
it.  But fear not; if your legitimate message gets screened out, 
we'll eventually catch it and forwrd it on.  If it is time critical,
send me a personal note and I'll do it manually quicker.

So now the question is: will this message make it through the 
administrivia filters?

As a reminder, people who want to unsubscribe should do so by sending
a message to (not to
In the message body, write these words: unsubscribe discuss-lfm

Another alternative to unsubscribing is to instead read the
digest version of this list.  I do it.  You should consider it.
Before, I was finding myself a bit overwhelmed by
the number of messages everyday on discuss-lfm.

In the fall I solved the dilemma. I got off of discuss-lfm
and joined discuss-digest-lfm.  Now I get all of the
same info, but I get it in only one mail message sent at the
end of each day.  Somehow this small change makes things much

So if you too want to make this change, do this:
send email to
In the message body, write only these words (on two separate line):
  unsubscribe discuss-lfm
  subscribe discuss-digest-lfm
Your network pal, Marc