Pet Problems

From: Rose Galitzer <>
Subject: Pet Problems
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 22:45:30 -0500 (EST)

  I just sent the pet proposals for my groups.  We have had a great deal 
of trouble with my e-mail at Erols (since the 20th). You will notice that 
I finally rewrote everything in my Univ. of Md. account using pine.  I'm 
sorry if this causes problems. I hope this doesn't knock us off the 
project.  All of our 6th grade magnet students are real excited about 
the project. 
  On the 10th of January all of our Deer Park Magnet 6th grade will be 
participating in rover races.  They have been given
since the end of November to design rovers for this event.  Parents, etc
will be participating in manning the stations.  (Rovers will be powered, 
unpowered, sturdy enough to support the most weight, or beautiful). Let 
you know how it goes.

  My classes have been working on hyperstudio 
presentations for Mac which center around exploration of alein 
environments based on the analysis of chemicals in the environment
and the interaction between them ( oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, 
and nitrogen).  They used aquatic environments set up with nitrates, 
animals only, plants only, plants and animals, plants with no light, and 
a control with nothing added to assess the effects of these on the 
chemical status of their environments.  

  If you would like a copy of the templetes for the hyperstudio I would 
be glad to send them. Or if erols gets back in the e-mail business I can 
attach them (if you tell me how)

  Also I have a web site that you may like to visit. It is located at   My kids have put some interesting things 
on and will be adding to it soon. It just seems like we do need to adjust 
the amount of hours in a day.  I could use 48 instead of the present count.
Happy New Year to all -- Rose