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Subject: New Solar System CD-ROM from NSTA
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Anyone interested in space exploration might want to check out Views
of the Solar System CD-ROM.  It's a Mac/Windows CD that has complete
information about the planets, sun, moons, asteroids, and comets
told in text, images, and animations. There's an extensive section on
space exploration, with extensive mission summaries of Apollo,
Voyager, Galileo and much more.

Views includes an extensive educational section for teachers so it
can be  used in the classroom.  There are lesson activities and an
extensive list of print and on-line resources included.

The CD-ROM is web based, and includes copies of Microsoft's Internet
Explorer and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Views is available from the National Science Teachers Association
for $21.95.   There's a toll free number at 1-800-722-NSTA for U.S.
and Canadian residents.  For others, call 1-703-243-7100.  More
information is available at