Re: your mail

From: Charlotte Stevens <>
Subject: Re: your mail
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:27:23 -30000

This listserv is a place where teachers are supposed to seek help or get 
feedback from others.  That is why it was established. We work together 
to motivate each other.  This listserv has been an inspiration to me and 
to others.  I have received ideas to use in my classroom and found out 
how my internet friends are doing who live in other parts of the 
country.  Many of those posting have become real to me and I feel like I 
know them even if I have met them only one time this summer at the Live 
>From Mars workshop.  I'm sorry your email is flooded with too much 
information.  Perhaps getting to know some of the people online would 
make it more useful to you.   At one time the advocates were going to be 
featured on the LFM website so that if teachers needed help or wanted to 
know who to contact for classroom ideas they would find a ready hand to 
help.  Please don't be discouraged filtering through the email from this 
list.  It is a truly worthwhile place for help, ideas and motivation.

Charlotte Stevens
8th grade teacher
Taylor Road Middle School
Alpharetta, Georgia USA