From: (Joseph Jesunathadas)
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 09:55:13 -0700

Hi Folks:
I must confess that I am beginning to dislike this bulletin board.  Each
day I turn on my computer and have to wade through ten or more e-mails from
our folks who wish to chat about personal problems.  Most of the time these
problems, being persoanl, are not relevant to the larger group and should
therefore be directed to individual and not to everyone.  I am sure there
is a way to do this and others see the value of my request.  If you agree
or disagree that is up to you. Please "do not" email me your feelings.  I
just want to share my concern for having to scan through everyone's
personal problems.  Furthermnore, this might just reduce all the noise
floating around in cyberspace.