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Sender: The Internet TourBus - A virtual tour of cyberspace
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Subject: TOURBUS - 31 Dec 1996 - Happy New Year!

   |     "Why | Surf When / You Can | Ride The | Bus?"     /    |  \
   |__________|__________/__________|__________|__________/     |   \
  /                                                      /______|----\
 |          H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R   -   1997!      |//////|    |
 |                                                       |//////|    |
    \___/  \___/  T h e   I n t e r n e t   T o u r B u s   \___/

Happy New Year to All!

Thanks for riding along with us.  Patrick and I have truly enjoyed
"driving the Bus" for the last 18 months, and I look forward to
another year with all of you.

Get A Friend on the Bus!

We now have over 80,000 riders in 120 countries all around the
world, from Albania to Zimbabwe.  Your mission for the new year is
to get three friends "on the Bus".  Tell 'em how much fun you're
having here and they'll beg you for the subscription info!  In case
you forgot, in order to join the list one must send e-mail to:


and in the body of the message, enter this command:

    SUBSCRIBE TOURBUS Firstname Lastname

Ride The Bus, Get Stuff

Here's another reason to get your friends on the Bus...  They'll have
a chance to participate in fun contests and win geeky stuff - like
computer software, hardware and other cool gadgets.

I haven't decided whether you have to be smart, lucky or good-looking
to win, so just keep your seats and all will be revealed in good time.

Thanks to Our Supporters

It takes hours of research, writing and administrivia to keep TOURBUS
rolling through cyberspace twice each week.  So without our sponsors
it would be impossible to continue -- Patrick has tuition to pay, and
I've got to support my Snickers habit (and pay the mortgage).

Special thanks go out to these sponsors for their help this year:

* AARDWULF APPAREL   Great discounts on name brand clothing.
                     Visit them at http://www.aardwulf.com

* BUY IT ONLINE      Your Guide to Locating Products & Services Online.
                     Visit them at http://www.BuyItOnline.com

* FLYING NOODLE      A cool collection of gourmet pastas and sauces.
                     Visit them at http://www.flyingnoodle.com

* MAGAZINE EXPRESS   The best magazine subscription deals on the Net.
                     Send e-mail to tourbus@magazines.com for info.

* MASS MUSIC         More Music For Your Money - Over 185,000 titles.
                     Visit them at http://www.Mass-Music.com

* MERCURY MAIL       Free news, weather, sports, and stocks by email.
                     E-Mail: info@merc.com -OR- http://www.merc.com

* TWIN PEAKS         A cornucopia of pleasurable edibles for all.
                     Visit them at http://tpeaks.com

* WEB WAREHOUSE      Lots of quality products for the cybershopper.
                     Visit them at http://webwarehouse.com

* WORLDVILLAGE       Software reviews, live chat and online gaming.
                     WV is also the host of the TOURBUS web site!
                     Visit them at http://www.worldvillage.com

I can vouch for the integrity of each sponsor, so you can feel
comfortable doing business with them.  And if you're in business,
consider becoming a TOURBUS sponsor.  Our advertising rates are very
affordable, and you'll be doing a good cyber-deed as well!  For info,
send e-mail to BobRankin@MHV.net with SEND TBRATES in the Subject line.

Support a Starving Author

In case you didn't know, both Patrick and I have penned books for those
who are new to the Net.  Here's how to find out about each book:

   For info on Patrick's book "Atlas for the Information Superhighway"
   send e-mail to LISTSERV@UA1VM.UA.EDU with the command
   GET ATLAS INFO F=MAIL in the message body.

   To get the scoop on "Doctor Bob's Painless Guide To The Internet"
   send e-mail to BobRankin@MHV.net with Subject: SEND BOOKINFO
   or browse reviews & sample chapters at http://biz.mhv.net/drbob
   (NetGuide Magazine Hot Product of the Month for December 1996)

Cheesy Potatoes

CHEESY POTATOES?  You bet.  My wife found this great recipe online
and served them up to rave reviews on Christmas Day.  Go visit the
fantastic "My Menus" website at http://www.mymenus.com and you can
find this recipe and thousands more.

See you all soon!  -Bob

 Archives: On the Web at http://www.worldvillage.com/tourbus.htm

      TOURBUS - (c) Copyright 1996, Patrick Crispen and Bob Rankin
  All rights reserved.  Redistribution is allowed only with permission.
      Send this copy to 3 friends and tell them to get on the Bus!