Subject heading your PET Proposal

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Subject heading your PET Proposal
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 17:29:43 -0600

Dear P.E.T. Participants,

Please be sure that your students or you use the subject
*P.E.T. Proposal* when posting your proposal to the debate-lfm
list.  This is just a friendly reminder as we have had some
confusing subjects used which may result in your proposal being
accidently deleted or overlooked.

This should prove to be a very **busy** week with many proposals
to be posted by the deadline of Friday, December 20th! If all who
registered for the P.E.T. post this week we ought to see another
50+ proposals!  

Thanks to Charlie Lindgren (MA), Nancy Garman (IL), Charlotte
Stevens (GA), Mike Reynolds (MI) and our first international
group -- South Lee School -- James Carter (Bury St. Edmunds which
is about 80 miles east of London) for posting their P.E.T. Proposals
on Thursday & Friday of last week.

We know the students will be anxious to begin the debate upon return to
school in January!  We hope that they are looking over the proposals
posted thus far and thinking about how each compares to their own.

Happy posting (and downloading/printing)!

Jan Wee,P.E.T. Moderator