Pathfinder Launch

From: "Fran O'RourkeHartman" <>
Subject: Pathfinder Launch
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 15:34:06 -0600 (CST)

Hello everyone and happy Hoildays,
Well we are back to earth, after no sleep and  a breath taking view of=20
the launch.  Because of the delays, there was very little sleep on the=20
trip. Then having students along, we had to do Disney World, Epcot etc,,=20
so It has taken me a whild to catch up.
=09The launch was unreal. Ken Edgett is right do try and attend=20
one.  We were treated like Kings and Queens. The tour of Kennedy space=20
center was great.  We got to go onthe space shuttle run way, to the=20
launch pad and see  many behind the scense things.  Of course many=20
scientist and engineers were there to helop with explainations and talk=20
to students.
=09Brian Cooper the rover driver spent the day at Disney World with=20
my students we all had great fun and learned about the new rover in the=20
works, it is about the size of a match box car.  Dr. Joy Crisp and her=20
husband Dr. Dave crisp have agreeded to work on a childrens book with my=20
students.  We sent to publishers in Jan. (it's cool).
 Howard Eisen (rover designer) brought a mock up of the rover and pulled=20
it out to play with the students.  Great fun for everyone. Parents who=20
attened were in awe, kids were so excited and I will never forget the=20
whole thing.  Oh we spent several evenings with Peter Smith,(IMP camera-lea=
and got some inside news about whats next.
=09My students were treated as equals and learned so much.  We went=20
to the VIP viewing area the first night, it was actually north of the=20
rocket, then Brian, Ken and Peter talked us into Jetty Park, much better,=
not to mention that's were all the folks from JPL were.  The rocket=20
seemed to go over our heads.  As I look at photos, when the rocket took=20
off, it became so bright, my kids in class asked if it was day time.=20
Below is a newspaper artice the kids wrote, much more is being done in=20
Arizonia, by a former student, as I get copies I'll post them as well.
Again, Happy Holidays all


To Infinity and Beyond
Jenny Morris, Katie Myers, Lindsey Johnson & Maggie Ryan
5th graders in Ms. O=D5Rourke=D5s Class
Cedar Wood Elementary
=09December 2nd was the official launch date of the Delta 2 rocket.=20
It was delayed  (scrubbed) due to a hurricane passing through Texas. It=20
was going to hit Florida the same time as the rocket was to be launched.
=09December 3rd the launch was scrubbed again for difficulties on=20
the ground computers. On the 4th it launched!=20
This is our point of view of what happened on launch night:
=09It was pitch black and the only light at Jetty Park (where we=20
viewed the launch) was the rusty orange moon, the shooting stars and the=20
blue and white glowing rocket on the launchpad. Along with us, our=20
teacher Fran O=D5Rourke and our parents at Jetty Park were Brian Cooper=20
(the rover driver), Dr.  Edgett (provides education for teachers) Dr. Joy=
Crisp (geologist), Dr. Dave Crisp (works with weather) and  other=20
scientists and engineers from NASA=D5s  JPL who were excitingly waiting for=
the launch.
=09Suddenly a blinding light and a booming sound filled Jetty Park=20
while cheers filled the air as the Delta II curved and sailed towards the=
moon. Half way to the moon the rocket boosters were released and looked=20
like sparkling stars as they fell from the  Delta rocket. The rocket=20
continued on and looked like it was going right over the middle of the=20
moon as it tore through the atmosphere. All you could see was a bright=20
dot fade into the darkness. The sight was to amazing to describe. When it=
was all said and done we all agreed it was an experience we will never=20

Fran O'RourkeHartman