From: Roger Stryker <>
Subject: FYI
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 06:26:29 -0600 (CST)

The servers for the service for educators here in Texas, TENET, will be
shutting down this weekend (Friday, 3am, until Monday) to physically move
to a different location and different machines. I'm not real sure what
will happen to any messages that are sent to me (or anyone else on TENET),
but I definitely don't want to miss anything. 

Be aware that those with TENET accounts may need to have any
correspondence from this weekend re-sent, and that you may get bounced
message from our accounts. I'll check the Web site for the messages I
missed for the discuss-lfa, but I'll need to be updated by some kind soul 
for debate-lfa messages. (Sorry about my students sending our P.E.T. 
proposal to the discuss-lfa list this week, by the way.)

No bad talk about Texans while we're offline, now:-)
Roger Stryker <>
Educator - Grade 5             Williams Elementary - Austin, Texas
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