PET Proposal

From: lindgren@MEOL.MASS.EDU (Charles F. Lindgren)
Subject: PET Proposal
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 22:28:21 -0500

                  (12/10/96-12/20/96 Posting Period)

Name of Sponsoring Teacher/Educator:Charles Lindgren
School Name (if applicable): Gates Intermediate School
Grade Level: 8th
Special Group Name (if needed):
Number of Students Participating: 220

Digital Camera  - A picture is worth . . . and    100.00
        unfortunately the picture must
        be digital to send it.

Miniweather Station  -   A great compromise. This will give         7.00
        us several instruments for the price of
        one.  Thermometer, windspeed indicator, rain guage. A real deal.

Psychrometer  -  Finding Relative Humidity          6.00

Barometer  -     Hey, it's science, what's science without        18.00
        a barometer?

Compass - So we know where we're going (and which way the wind is blowing).

Protractor  -    Hey, it's science . . .    1.00

Dissecting Kit - Many little tools that will be useful      5.00

Eye Dropper -    Sample collecting             .50

Magnifier   -    Looking at small items (sand, etc.)         3.00

Jar(s) -  Sample collecting           1.00

Shovel - Collecting samples              6.00

Tape Measure -   Best compromise for measuring        3.00

Twine  - Nice to have      1.00

Zip Lock Bags -  Collecting Samples        2.00

pH Paper  -      Hey, it's science         3.00

Pen and Paper -  Note Taking       2.00

Petri Dish & Agar Kit  - Sample collecting         5.00

Tape  -  Sample collecting (Air Particles)         2.00

Spring Balance - Finding mass     10.00

Magnet - Detection of magnetic metallic particles 2.00

Coring Device - Collecting a core sample  5.00

Tape Recorder - Record environmental sounds 20.00(?)

Special Comments or Extended Information:

We also had several people express a strong desire to have an
insignia/plaque/logo for the side of the craft. Our 8th grade is divided
into two academic teams, and we will probably have  insignias/plaques/logos
representing each team.

We know, we know, we're a little over. All of our prices came from
scientific catalogs, and we didn't hunt for the best price in all cases.
We're comfortable that we can come in under budget.

Gates Intermediate School - "We're Charting A Course for Excellence"