November 19th "Countdown" Program Available through PTK now!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: November 19th "Countdown" Program Available through PTK now!
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 11:25:10 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members and PTK Advocates,

Passport to Knowledge is now making copies of our live telecasts
available to you *directly* through our PTK office.  This decision
has been made to help facilitate access to our programs.

The November 19th Live From Mars debut program -- "Countdown" --
is now available at $15.00 plus shipping cost of $4.95 for a total
cost of $19.95.  Tapes will be shipped US Priority Mail and should
be received within 5 days of arrival of your order at our Summit,
NJ office.  

Please note:  Canadian orders for the "Countdown" program cost
$30.00 (includes shipping and handling).  Please be sure that
checks are drawn in US funds. (Preferably through US Bank account
if possible)

Schools may send purchase orders. Checks and money orders should
be made out to: Passport to Knowledge.  You may fax purchase
orders to:  908-598-0418 or mail orders to:

Passport to Knowledge
P.O. Box 1502
Summit, New Jersey 07902-1502

Please indicate the title of the program when ordering and complete
shipping information.  

If you have specific concerns or questions, please feel free to 
direct those to my attention and I will be glad to assist you.

Jan Wee

Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
Passport to Knowledge
Voice: 608-786-2767  (8am-4pm Central time)   Fax: 608-786-1819