First 24-hour simulation this year

From: (Rowan, Chris)
Subject: First 24-hour simulation this year
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 06:33:36 -0800

Hi there!

The _Columbia II_ is finally finished, and we are going to start planning
for our first 24-hour simulation of the 1996-97 school year TODAY (December
3). The current plan is to conduct a 24-hour space simulation on Wednesday,
December 18.  The simulation will begin at 10:30 AM CST on Friday and end at
10:30 AM CST on Thursday.

Would you like to participate in this simulation?  If so, please email with
the following information:

School name:
School location:
Number of students participating:
Age or grade level of students participating:

Please place an X in the space next to the description of the activity or
activities you
would like to do:

___	Post current weather information for Kennedy Space Center, Florida;
Edwards Air
	Force Base, California; White Sands Space Harbor, New Mexico; and several
	transAtlantic abort sites (to be announced later)

___	Post solar flare reports to the crew of _Columbia II_ prior to and
during the EVA's
	that will take place during the mission

___	Attempt voice contact on HF (amateur radio)

___	Launch a shuttle of your own

___	Analyze and interpret results of one or more experiments conducted by
the crew of
	_Columbia II_

___	Engage in an Internet "Web Hunt" to find GIF files of Mars to add to the
	Mars web site

___	Other activity (Please describe):

Please let me know if I can help!  I can send you copies of launch and
landing scripts,
activity guides, sample experiments, and so on.  I can also provide you with
the URL's of
weather sites on the Internet.  If you have your own ideas on how to get
involved, please
let me know!

Within the next few days, I will post copies of the experiments that my
student astronauts will conduct during their 24-hour stint in the simulator.
It would be wonderful if we could compare results with other groups of
students across town or around the world.

It has been so long since I have managed a simulation that I am not sure I
remember what to do!  I feel like I am starting from scratch.  Wish us luck!

Best regards,
Chris Rowan
Chris Rowan                   
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