MPF launch picture!!

From: (Ken Edgett)
Subject: MPF launch picture!!
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 08:01:26 -0700 (MST)

Mars Educators--

There is a "must see" picture on the Pathfinder Home Page that shows
what the launch looked like from Jetty Park (where I was standing).
Tim Parker, a member of the science team at JPL, took a sequence
of photos showing the launch at various stages, including the beautiful
pass by Mars and the Moon that the spacecraft made.  It is a lovely
picture.  You must see it.

Here is Tim's message plus the WWW address---

Ken Edgett

Subject: MPF launch
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Check out my composite view of the Mars Pathfinder Launch as seen from Jetty
Park, about 1 3/4 miles south of the launch pad.  The image can be viewed on the
Mars Pathfinder home page at:

I used a frame grabber on my Mac to digitize subframes from an 8mm videotape I
recorded the launch with.  I used a Sony Hi-8 camcorder with a 2x teleconverter,
giving a 24X zoom.  The original tape shows everything from the launch through
first stage separation and initial firing of the second stage engine, including
separation of both the ground- and air-lit solid rocket boosters, plus close
passes of Mars and the moon in the sky!  Like everyone I've talked to has said
about the launch, it was "the coolest thing I've seen," and I'd definitely do it
again (does anyone know whether the Casini Titan IV launch next October is a day
or night launch?).  Hm...