Questions abou the P.E.T.

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Questions abou the P.E.T.
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 10:05:24 -0600

Charlotte and others participating in the P.E.T. activity,

>Can/should we include things like plastic bags for collecting items or 
>pens/paper in our PET?

You can include them in your proposal but I would list them last
and perhaps in a category titled "miscellaneous items".  I would list
the more important instruments/items first.

>How do we determine exact cost?  Some things are really cheap when on 
>sale and some things may be more expensive than we think.

Don't worry about exact costs at this point -- just do an estimated
cost for your own needs at this time -- to check that your proposed
PET does not exceed $200.00.   Remember we are just **sharing** proposals
at this time and each class does not have to verify that they are
in the $200.00 target (although it would be a good exercise to see
if you are staying close to budget (just like the real NASA scientists
and engineers would have to do).  It should be pretty obvious when 
proposals exceed the $200.00 limit. 

The debate will determine the actual instruments that will make up the
best universal PET that we all use to collect data locally.  This is
such an organic project that some questions are not very easy to

>Can we combine things like compass and magnifier or baromter/hygrometer as 
>one item (they are sold this way in catalogs and are cheaper)?

Sure, there is no rule stating how many items can be included but
they should physically fit into a shoebox that is the dimensions
listed in the PET guidelines online.

Hope this helps.
Jan Wee