From Ken Edgett

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: From Ken Edgett
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 16:18:44 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,
I thought you would like to see this message from Ken after
I asked him about how educators get invited to attend launches
at Cape Canaveral.  Thought you would all benefit from
his response, especially the info about Planetfest '97!
Jan Wee

>>From  Sun Dec  8 09:27:05 1996
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>Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 10:27:37 -0700 (MST)
>From: (Ken Edgett)
>Subject: Re:  Thanks and a question
>> You mentioned that teachers ought to start planning early to
>> attend one of the upcoming Mars Mission launches.
>Jan, this was supposed to be sort-of tongue-in-cheek.  The next Mars
>launches aren't until December 1998 (orbiter) and January 1999 (lander).
>There was a decent number of teachers at both the MGS and MPF launches. 
>Those that attended were put on special NASA invitation lists, so they
>got VIP treatment along with the scientists, engineers, and their families
>involved with the missions.  In the case of MGS and MPF, I personally suggested
>several names to the people at JPL that were asking for these names.
>However, since the next launches aren't for 2 more years, there is no
>rush. And since I am not involved with these two missions, I probably won't
>be in a position myself to suggest names (we'll see... a lot can happen in
>2 years).  
>When I was at the MPF launch, I discovered that the best viewing area was
>"Jetty Park..." a public park that did not require any NASA invitation.  So
>anyone could have been there (but they would not have been invited to the
>special picnic and dinner events that I went to along with several teachers).
>When I was suggesting "start planning" for the next launches, I was simply
>suggesting that folks keep it in mind in Fall 98 that they might want to try 
>to go to one of these.  Perhaps LFM can help them, assuing LFM is still
>going in the 98-99 school year.
>As for events that are coming up sooner-- I give my strongest reccomendation
>to the idea that everyone should be thinking about going to Pasadena, CA,
>for the July 4th Mars Pathfinder landing.  JPL is planning a big open
>house event, but even more exciting is PLANETFEST 97, being organized by
>The Planetary Society to celebrate not only Pathfinder, but also the
>great Galileo/Jupiter pictures, among other things.  EVERYONE in the world
>should be thinking about going to Planetfest 97, not just teachers but
>kids, families, etc.  Unlike the launches, which can slip, Mars Pathfinder
>is landing on Mars (one way or another) on July 4, 1997.  Pasadena will
>be the place to be for the 4th!
>Ken Edgett
>p.s. feel free to forward this to the LFM listserve if you think it is useful.