Usborne Books & Cookies

From: Gayle Remisch <>
Subject: Usborne Books & Cookies
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 14:22:00 -0800

Dual pupose message: 

1.  In using the LFM activities with k-2 children, I found the following 
books very helpfull in providing lots of nice pictures with easy to 
read and understand concepts.

a. Rockets and Spaceflight
b. Sun, Moon and Planets (nice page on Mars)
(more info available on Usborne by emailing Cindy Taylor 

c. The Young Oxford book of Astronomy by Simon and Jacquline Mitton
	ISBN 0-19-521169-3 Oxford University Press
	- has a really nice section on Mars.

2.  Christmas Wishes and the cookie recipe story.

I have received quite a bit of mail regarding this.  I'm glad that people 
have the curtesy to correct the missinformation.  Please forgive me for
thoughtlessly passing on what I am told (but have not verified personally 
either way) is untrue information.

My sincere wishes to all for a truly, happy and safe holiday season, now 
are offered independently of any "fluff".