Re: new Kids Mars Book-- COOL!

Subject: Re: new Kids Mars Book-- COOL!
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 08:21:12 -0800

I've got this book, too.  I don't know about the age range--I 
used it as a reference for a paper in my graduate physical 
science class paper on exploring mars!  Lots of great color 
pictures and ideas to open up discussions.  jkc

On 12/06/96 17:32:41 you wrote:
>Mars Educators,
>When I was at KSC for the Pathfinder launch earlier this 
>I bought a really great book for kids (I'd guess up to 6th 
>about scenarios for colonizing Mars in the future.  The 
>are absolutely some of the best anywhere (Michael Carroll 
did them,
>and he is one of the BEST).  The book covers a lot of the 
issues about
>sending people to Mars and eventually whether we should 
terraform the
>planet.  The book is so up-to-date that it includes the fact
>that Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Pathfinder are on their 
>(However, there are some inaccuracies here--- note that 
"Ares Vallis"
>does not mean "Ram Valley"-- the "Ram" is "Aries"-- like the 
>but "Ares" is the Greek god of War (i.e., Mars).  Also note 
that they have
>the wrong date for the Viking 1 landing.  Despite text/fact 
>the illustrations are so lovely that I would urge you to get 
this $7.00
>paperback.  See if your kids can find the errors in the 
>"Are We Moving to Mars?" by Anne Schraff, John Muir 
>	Santa Fe, New Mexico, (c) 1996.  ISBN # 1-56261-310-3.
>Ken Edgett 
>Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program
>p.s. the MPF launch was AWESOME when seen in person.  Start 
planning now
>	to get yourself out to one of the 1998/99 launches!

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