Busy but Exciting Week

From: mkennedy@shentel.net (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Busy but Exciting Week
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 06:01:10 -0500

Get out the clicker and Program that VCR.....
What an exciting and busy week it has been, beginning with the Discovery
Channel's program Destination Mars and their four programs on space
exploration each night at 10pm  (Last night's program on the shuttle was
really great), and finally getting Donna Shirley on GM America.  My little
VCR has been really having a workout. I have broken down the Destination
for Mars into segments and we watch a little each day. As I told my
students, they are the ones who will probably make that journey....maybe
one of my future farmers of America might be a a future space explorer.

Sleepless in Virginia
And each night I set up my alarm for 1:30 , made some coffee,and put the
tape in the VCR waiting for the launch.. I think I was excited as Mission
control to finally get Pathfinder launched. I don't know how many more
nights I could have done this routine. Even some of my 4th grade students
were awakened by their parents to watch the launching of Pathfinder.

Local Press/TV
And for the last week our local press has been visiting our classroom doing
some really great features on  my students' involvement with Passport to
Knowledge and other Internet projects. At first my students were really
good about all these visitors but by the end they started to get a little
zooy. Geoff and Jan, I will send you copies of articles apropos to PTK.

ANy way, I have a happy principal, happy administrators, and my kids are
impressed with themselves.

re: NIH software
I know last year Scott Colletti gave us sites to download the software and
if I am not mistaken it is also on Viking Anniversary CD. I will check this
out when I get to school this morning.

re: craters
This week my students have been doing some really cool activities with
craters.I will send the directions  for this activity over the weekend. I
got some great pictures of the kids very involved and will post them to

re: Inservice
Today several of us are doing inservices for science and math teachers on
how to incorporate various www sites into our state sols and how to
integrate lang. math and science into their teaching. PTK is so perfect
about that-- will talk about past PTK, Mars, and Antarctica.

re: Newest/Newmast Programs
I downloaded the application for Newest at the NSTA site. You need Adobe
Acrobat to translate the form. It sounds like a really neat program for
teachers. I plant to apply.

re: Weather Unit
Until last year, weather has always been "fifth grade" unit. A tradition I
think handed down from God. Anyway, our state  "changed " our etched in
stone curriculum and now 4th grade is covering weather. Fifth grade
teachers are very upset because it was "their unit", but I am excited about
it all. I will start out with Windows on Science, and am now browsing the
web for great weather sites. Found atmoic moose, atmosphere project, great
site on lightning by National geographic, Dan's Wild weather Pages and
teaching units (he's out of Atlanta), and of course Blue Skies (which I am
going to play around with this weekend. just downloaded the software but
have not used it) Can anyone tell me about Blue Skies?

Any helpful ideas or hints would be much appreciated......

Marilyn Wall
John Wayland Elementary
Bridgewater VA