RE: NIH and NASA Classroom of the Future

From: "Debora Mosher" <>
Subject: RE: NIH and NASA Classroom of the Future
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 96 10:51:00 UT

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Sent: 	Wednesday, December 04, 1996 11:06 PM
Subject: 	NIH and NASA Classroom of the Future

Hello folks

Just wanted to remind everyone of the GREAT  module called "Mars Landing" at
the NASA Classroom of the Future site. It is a step by step method to learn
NIH image and ties in perfectly with the LFM project, with the students doing
image processing to determine the "best" landing site for a spacecraft on
Mars.  It has a link to retrieve NIHimage, and a gagillion other cool links
to remore sensing databases and problem based learning 
and ... well CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

It's located at the Wheeling Jesuit College in Wheeling, WVa. ( A swell
The address is:
Dr. Bob Myers is the Senior Instructional Designer in charge. 
Write him alot....( you're welcome Bob)....:):):) 

You'll be hooked on NIH and on all the other cool modules listed there.
Hope you find this helpful

Happy Holidays

CJ Rodkey
Pennsylvania Advocate

Thanks Rodkey,

I will try that site.  I was first introduced to the process imaging at COTF 
when I went with ETE in 1995.  It was a great course and I am using the 
internet due to their instruction.  I will try their site.

By the way are you the Rodkey from NEWMAST at  Goddard this summer?
I hope it is!

Debora Mosher