NIH and NASA Classroom of the Future

Subject: NIH and NASA Classroom of the Future
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 23:06:56 -0500

Hello folks

Just wanted to remind everyone of the GREAT  module called "Mars Landing" at
the NASA Classroom of the Future site. It is a step by step method to learn
NIH image and ties in perfectly with the LFM project, with the students doing
image processing to determine the "best" landing site for a spacecraft on
Mars.  It has a link to retrieve NIHimage, and a gagillion other cool links
to remore sensing databases and problem based learning 
and ... well CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

It's located at the Wheeling Jesuit College in Wheeling, WVa. ( A swell
The address is:
Dr. Bob Myers is the Senior Instructional Designer in charge. 
Write him alot....( you're welcome Bob)....:):):) 

You'll be hooked on NIH and on all the other cool modules listed there.
Hope you find this helpful

Happy Holidays

CJ Rodkey
Pennsylvania Advocate