Re: Good Morning America -- a really GOOD morning!

Subject: Re: Good Morning America -- a really GOOD morning!
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 17:21:46 -0500 (EST)

Dear Jan,
I didn't get the tv on in time to watch the whole thing, but I did see quite
a bit of it with Donna Shirley as well as snippets of Pathfinder news on
other channels as the day progressed.
Really great.  Thank goodness the launch was successful.  Congrats to NASA
for a job well done.
Now comes the anxious time when we keep our fingers crossed waiting to make
sure everything unfurls,(Galileo's high gain antenna), opens up (the hatch),
fully deploys (the MGS solar array),  deflates (the protective balloons),
and unrolls(pathfinders little deployment  paths),  etc.    But then a
little anxiety only makes it all that much more exciting.  
 Thank heavens for redundant systems.  With the exception of the hatch,
everything has been well backed up. I make sure my kids realize all the
things which can go wrong, so they will be even more amazed when things go
right and can appreciate the true wonder of the accomplishment.  Sometimes
it seems to me that they can get a bit blase, at least at my level.  I keep
our TV tuned to the NASA sat feed all day long with the volume turned down.
Every so often we turn it on and they can watch the astronauts floating
around the shuttle etc. and watch the DEMOS display of the shuttles route
around the earth.  That always makes their eyes shine.  I taped a great hour
on the Discovery channel day before yesterday, all about the space program,
Mars missions etc.  I found it by accident (when I was actually in my room)
and we stopped everything and watched it. 

With the new news of the ice on the moon, all our missions to Mars and
reports of possible ancient life there, the possible water under the ice on
Europe, reported by our wonderful Galileo which is still sending us so much
news etc, things are starting to happen at quite a hectic pace.   I keep
telling my kiddies how lucky they are to be living in such an exciting time.  

Yes, Jan, I can't wait for an opportunity to tape  the first LFM broadcast.
We're anxiously awaiting any news about that.  Barb    

At 07:47 AM 12/4/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Dear Janet and all,
>Just finished watching a 6 minute segment featuring Mars Exploration
>Program manager Donna Shirley, the Pathfinder launch animation, snippets
>taken at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, and the **successful**  launch this morning
>of the Pathfiner on Good Morning America. A nice way to start the 
>morning... a cup of coffee, Donna, and Good Morning America.  
>In other news...
>        We haven't forgotten that many of you are awaiting news
>of the November 19th "Countdown" programs re-broadcast schedule on
>NASA-TV. As soon as that information is determined it will be shared
>in this forum.
>        The P.E.T. (Planet Explorer Toolkit) proposal sharing will
>begin in less than one week on the debate-lfm forum.  Classes will
>be posting their *best* P.E.T. proposal beginning December 10-20th.
>The online student debate will begin January 6th.  Consensus on the
>*universal* best P.E.T. will be reached by January 31st.
>        If your students participated in the last two Challenge Questions
>you will find participant's answers collated and online at our LFM
>web site ((Select Featured Events, then Challenge Questions.)
>Jan Wee
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