t.v. news clip

From: freemanm@mailhost.sd02.k12.id.us
Subject: t.v. news clip
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 17:35:26 GMT

Last night on our local news, a NASA clip was
shown dealing with our sweet, little rover,
now on its way to Mars.  It showed an 
arm on the Rover reaching out and putting
rocks into a little container that then 
magically launched itself into space to
return to Earth.  When students asked 
about this this morning, I told them that
this was planned for a future mission.  
Am I correct or have I missed out on something.
Mars Night approaches and we 4 teachers are
actually having sleepless nights and when
we do sleep, we are dreaming about the
various activities and exhibtits we have
planned.  Real scarry.  Great launch.