Good Morning America -- a really GOOD morning!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Good Morning America -- a really GOOD morning!
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 07:47:36 -0600

Dear Janet and all,

Just finished watching a 6 minute segment featuring Mars Exploration
Program manager Donna Shirley, the Pathfinder launch animation, snippets
taken at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, and the **successful**  launch this morning
of the Pathfiner on Good Morning America. A nice way to start the 
morning... a cup of coffee, Donna, and Good Morning America.  

In other news...

        We haven't forgotten that many of you are awaiting news
of the November 19th "Countdown" programs re-broadcast schedule on
NASA-TV. As soon as that information is determined it will be shared
in this forum.

        The P.E.T. (Planet Explorer Toolkit) proposal sharing will
begin in less than one week on the debate-lfm forum.  Classes will
be posting their *best* P.E.T. proposal beginning December 10-20th.
The online student debate will begin January 6th.  Consensus on the
*universal* best P.E.T. will be reached by January 31st.

        If your students participated in the last two Challenge Questions
you will find participant's answers collated and online at our LFM
web site ((Select Featured Events, then Challenge Questions.)

Jan Wee

** A special note to and account holders:
If you have sent a separate email to me over the last couple of
weeks:  I am receiving your email BUT have experienced problems
responding to your accounts. (all mail to AOL and PRODIGY domains
is bouncing back to me). 

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