Mars Navigator CD

Subject: Mars Navigator CD
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 23:44:55 -0800

I got this CD today!!!!!!!!!  It has really cool pictures and great info about 
the Mars Observer program, solar system, space exploration, etc.  Its' 
wonderful.  Thanks everyone who made it--JPL, NSF, Georgia Tech, and 
especially, Chuck Diarra for getting it for me!!!!!!!  Should be fun to play 
with.  And now that Pathfinder has launched (despite the pictures of it 
sitting at the launch site on the "live from KSC" site, we can follow it 
along.  My students must have watched pathfinder bounce 15 times tonight.  
They think those airbags are a riot.  Just wait 'til they have to do the same 
thing with eggs!   Thanks again, jkc