NASA planetary missions featured!

From: (Ken Edgett)
Subject: NASA planetary missions featured!
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 12:53:06 -0700 (MST)

Dear Mars Educators,

The December 9, 1996, issue of the weekly trade magazine,
AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY featured an outstanding 
series of well-illustrated, well-written articles about
upcoming missions by NASA, Europe, Japan to the Solar
System objects (Mars, Moon, asteroids, comets, Saturn,
Pluto, etc.).

I highly, highly recommend purchase of this issue of the
magazine for a wonderful overview of the upcoming missions
that are planned.  Back issues cost US$5.00 plus shipping.

The cover features an illustration of the Mars Surveyor '98
lander setting down near the South Polar Layered deposits. 
Articles include:

"Planetary Flight Surge Faces Budget Realities," about
	all of the upcoming missions- with a cool illustration
	of Cassini entering orbit about Saturn in 2004.

"Mars 98 to Seek Water Near Martian South Pole"-- includes
	another cool illustration of the lander on Mars.

"Knowledge about Mars set to Expand Radically"-- about Mars
	Global Surveyor and Mars Pathfinder, with an excellent
	photo of Sojourner next to a person for scale.  Includes
	the schedule of events for MGS and how they relate
	to seasons and dust storms on Mars.

"Probe Seeks to Unmask Pluto"-- about Pluto Express, a much-desired
	mission to fill the gap in our Solar System exploration.

"Mars will not Yield Its Secrets Easily"-- about future robotic
	missions, life on Mars, and sample returns (plus prospects
	for humans).

"U.S., Japanese Moon Missions To Seek Water, Lunar Core"-- about
	upcoming Lunar Prospector and missions from Japan and Europe.

"Comet, Asteroid Missions Seek Clues to Earth's Origins"-- missions
	coming up that are visiting comets and asteroids.

"Cassini Mission to Saturn Caps Era of Grand Spacecraft"-- the last of
	the giant interplanetary missions, Cassini and the Huygens probe
	will examine Saturn and its moons, including a landing by
	Huygens on Titan (COOL!) in 2004.  Launch is set for Oct. 97.

"Huygens Planetary Probe Set for Titan Landing in 2004"  -- COOL!

Also this issue features news of Pathfinder's launch and the "water on
the Moon" results from Clementine (these were breaking stories as the
magazine went to press).

I ordered a copy of the magazine by telephone using a credit card.  They
said it would arrive within 2-3 business days (quick!).

To order, call (212) 512-2886 and tell them you want to purchase a
copy of the December 9, 1996, issue of AVIATION WEEK.  They are charging
me $5.00 for the magazine (a bargain considering the number of great
articles) plus a bit more than $1 for postage.  Trust me, this is 
worth the cost if you want a good update on all the missions being planned.

Ken Edgett
Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program