P. E. T. Proposal

From: Barbara Brewer <Arcola@netusa1.net>
Subject: P. E. T. Proposal
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 11:07:17 -0800

Name of Supporting Teacher/Educator: Barbara Brewer
School Name:  Arcola Elementary
Grade Level: 4th
Number of Students Participating: 24

Our P.E.T. Proposal includes the following instruments/items:

1.  Soil test kit         15.50               tests nitrogen,phosphorus,
                                              potassium levels
2.  folding anemometer    39.95               windspeed  
3.  tape measure           4.95         
4.  compass               18.00
5.  hammer                13.00               to look for
6.  chisel                 7.00               fossils beneath
7.  folding shovel         7.00               the surface
8.  magnets                5.30               soil/air check for 
                                              magnetic particles
9.  used altimeter	  35.00               measure elevation/
                                              air pressure
10. containers             3.80
11. prism                  5.50               measure difference in
                                              light on Earth\Mars
12. radiometer             6.70               measure radiant heat
13. disposable camera     10.50
14. stethoscope            7.50               listen for sounds under
15. nylon string 250ft.    2.50               measuring\aiding 
16. pin light              2.00
17. coffee filters         2.50               moisture from air
18. tuning fork            6.25               sound experiments

Special Comments:
     Our total comes in at $199.85, 15 cents under budget.  However,
we decided we may need Shaq's shoebox to store everything.  
     Arcola School is located 12 miles west of Fort Wayne, IN.  We're a
small rural school with 287 students. Every year we study Mars in our
class.  We culminate the course with a "trip to Mars", giving groups of
students 8 large pieces of plastic and duct tape to create a habitat on
Mars. It's a great project!  Thanks for this one. It was great
motivation for the kids.  Go Pathfinder!