Pathfinder Article Revisted

From: George Zack <>
Subject: Pathfinder Article Revisted
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 08:20:09 -0700

LAst week I said ...

>There is a great article on the Pathfinder written by Dr. Matthew Golombek
>in last week's issue of EOS (the magazine of the American Geophysical
>Union).  It is a little technical, but My kids thougth that it did not tell
>them anything really new (Guess that is because they have scrounging this
>stuff off the Net) If you'd like a photocopy to add to your list of
>resources, please contact me via email or my phone.  I will drop one in the
>mail for you.

So, some of you replied and I sent off photocopies to you (our machine is a
bit on the fritz, so I hope you do not mind the quality.  BUT, I figured if
it is in print (especially from the AGU) it has to be on the web.  It is
and at, so now all of you can
check it out.

HAppy Holiday Break as it comes to ya.


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