RE: inquiry based learning

Subject: RE: inquiry based learning
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 22:41:59 -0800

Dear Barb et al,  Thanks so much for your insightful reponses to my questions.  I hope we can continue this 
and other teacher-type discussions.  It helps so much to hear the experiences of others.  The more we hear, 
the more options we all have.  
	Now, I need to prepare myself to talk to the teachers at my daughters' school and hope that the 
TEACHERS aren't too sensitive!  I hope I can say what I want to without offending or causing defensiveness 
and closing lines of communication.  Tact is not one of my strongest areas and we are all tired at this time 
of year, but I don't want them to prepare next quarter's schedule without giving time for some kind of review 
period before the presentations.  Thanks again, everyone!  jkc

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