Red Rover

Subject: Red Rover
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 10:37:51 -0500

It is interesting to see the discussions going on about Red Rover as well as
the emerging Cuseeme rover activity.  The activities are similar.  Red Rover
is run through the Planetary Society and participants "teleoperate" rovers at
other sites' Marscapes through software they purchase ($99 package).  The
Mars site's rover has a camera mounted on it with cables attached to the
computer through an interface box.  Through Red Rover software, an offsite
student maneuvers the rover via on-screen commands.  A message is sent
through the phone lines and rover cables and the rover will move as a direct
result of that command.   For those of us who participated in earlier
discussions on this list, they will remember that there are two options:
 become a Mars base with the capability to "drive and be driven" ($500 + Lego
costs) or become an Earth site with the capability to "drive" ($99).  (See
Jan Wee's email on Red Rover for details on how to get information on the

The Cuseeme activity sounds like a great idea too; the difference being in
what kind of set up you need to get as well as the fact that the rover is
being moved by a person on the site and not a computer.

We participated as a beta site in Red Rover last year and plan to do so again
this year as an extra activity in Live from Mars.   We will be up and running
early this Spring.  Is there anyone else out there who has plans to be either
an Earth or Mars site sometime this school year?  I am anxious to know if
there other any new schools that we can connect with.  Please post to the
list, as I'm sure there are others who would like tomeet their future Red
Rover link-ups.

Theresa Hall
Paradise Canyon Elementary
La Canada, CA