Mars CD, searching NASA

From: Marc Siegel <>
Subject: Mars CD, searching NASA
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 07:58:49 -0800 (PST)

Hello all,
A few responses to recent discuss-lfm issues:

1) About the Mars CD that folks wrote about ordering and never receiving.

>On page 31 of the NSTA Reports for October November is a freebie:  the
>Viking 20th Anniversary CD Rom.  It is supposedly available at
>http://eggfoo.arc.nasa.goc/signup/signup.html according to the report.
>I have been upable to access this site (and it does not respond to a
>"ping" either) yet.  Just wondering if anyone has gotten through or if 
>anyone has found a way to obtain this resource.

>Feel free to order it, just don't expect them to ever send it.  I
>ordered mine back in July and still haven't gotten it!  jkc

I had lunch with Geoff Briggs, the fellow who leads CMEX (he bought!). CMEX 
is the NASA group that developed the CD.  They have not been shipping any CDs
since the summer as they were working to convert the previously Mac-only
disk into a Mac/PC disk.  He led me to believe that the disk would be
ready before the end of the calendar year and they would resume fulfilling
orders at that time.  

They should probably have acknowledged each request with a message to that 
effect, or written that on their web page.  I've passsed on your comments
to him so perhaps he'll move in that direction.  But for those folks who
have ordered the CDs, they should eventually come.

2) About a NASA search service

This is a difficult issue to solve, and certainly not one my group will
take on for the agency. It is difficult because there are so many different
groups within NASA producing K-12 material online.  But I can tell you that
Rick Smith, who leads Educational Technology at NASA HQ will soon have an
education homepage that attempts to point to all of the NASA K-12 efforts, and
this page will include a search engine.

As for LFM, as Linda pointed out, the site does indeed have a search
capability for info on the LFM pages.  We think it is working well, but
we've just switched to a much faster (and different computer), so it is
possible there are glitches.  If so, please send me details so we can fix
them.  As well, in the background section of LFM , there is a page dedicated 
to the most relevant Mars pages we know of.  The direct address is
We have more links to add and over time this area will slowly grow.
We preview all sites listed there and try to link only to the really good
sites.  So that is another way to get at more Mars info.  But we have not
built a search engine which includes LFM and all of these sites.  I certainly
see the value, but we are a bit short on people resources to do this.
I'll keep it on the wish list, but I don't anticipate it happening anytime
soon.  Sorry to dissappoint in this regard.

Three cheers for the MGS launch.  I understand there is a problem with
fully deploying one solar array. According to the MGS homepage: 
   All systems are working well, however there is an indication that 
   the -Y inner solar array panel has not deployed fully. It is about 
   18 degrees short of full deployment. Efforts are underway to play 
   back the data that were recorded during the deployment and further 
   planning will take place when these data are evaluated. The solar 
   arrays are providing plenty of power and the partial deployment 
   presents no near-term threat to either the spacecraft or the mission. 

Yours, Marc