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From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Re: Red Rover
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 07:34:06 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

>What exactly is The Red Rover Project?  I keep seeing references to it on 
>this list, along with mentions of grants, etc. that people have obtained 
>to do the project.  Where could I get more information about it?
>Claire Frick

Red Rover, Red Rover is a student telerobotics project that is sponsored
by The Planetary Society. 

Here is the information about the Red Rover, Red Rover Project taken
directly from their homepage at:

        CONTACT information at the end of this file!

                   Red Rover, Red Rover Project

                   An Educational Project of The Planetary Society,
                   Visionary Products Inc., Utah State University, and
                   LEGO Dacta.

                   Students Explore Mars

                   From around the world, middle school students are
                   learning how to explore Mars remotely with robotic
                   rovers when they participate in the Red Rover, Red
                   Rover Project. Red Rover, Red Rover is a hands-on,
                   educational project launched by The Planetary Society.

                   Students design and build robotic vehicles from LEGO
                   Dacta kits (educational division of LEGO) and operate
                   the rovers via sophisticated computer software that
                   mimics the control programs used by planetary
                   scientists to explore other worlds. Each Red Rover,
                   Red Rover team also creates a Mars-scape at their site
                   so that the rovers may operate in an "alien" terrain of
                   miniature volcanoes, impact craters, canyons and starry

                   Link-up Days

                   Remote rover control on Red Rover, Red Rover
                   Link-up Days is enabled by a computer
                   communications program developed by the Center for
                   Intelligent Systems at Utah State University. The
                   program uses a modem and regular telephone lines or
                   Internet to send to any location in the world images
                   seen by a small camera mounted on the rover. Student
                   operators study the images to determine the best
                   direction in which to move the rover. The program then
                   relays the student commands back to the rover, and the
                   vehicle moves across the simulated surface of Mars.

                   Just Like the Real Thing

                   While the distance between remote sites on Earth may
                   not be interplanetary, they are a good approximation for
                   middle school students. Sending a command to an
                   actual rover on Mars would take as long as 40 to 80
                   minutes (round trip). For this project, communication
                   delays are a few seconds to less than a minute -- long
                   enough to impress the students with the difficulty of
                   remote exploration, but not so extreme as to lose their

 Contact the Red Rover, Red Rover Project

 How to get more information and sign up for the Red
 Rover Red Rover Project.

                        Red Rover, Red Rover

                        The Planetary Society
                        65 North Catalina Avenue
                        Pasadena, California 91106-2301

                        Phone: (818) 793-5100
                        Fax: (818) 793-5528

                        Electronic Mail: