Re: Biographies

Subject: Re: Biographies
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 21:14:12 -0500 (EST)

Dear Cherie,
I am so glad to finally have someone else who is teaching English and using
the biographies and journals as their reading materials.  I have been doing
this for a few years and I just love it.  I am doing it in high school, but
my students are all reading on an elementary level so I still have to
explain a lot of words to them.  Reading these bios and journals is a very
enriching experience for them in many ways.  I have written
telecommunications skills into my curriculum, so I make my kids go onto the
Internet and d/l the bios themselves and then print them out for the class.
Your activitiy is excellent and I know the kids will love it.   Barb
At 08:55 PM 11/10/96 GMT, you wrote:
>Suggestion for Activity A.2  Since I am also
>required to teach English I plan on using
>this activity for an English and Reading
>project:  The biographies of the people working on
>the projects are wonderful!!  I have printed
>them all and plan on handing out to my
>students.  Each student will receive a
>different one.  After they have read them
>I will ask them what they found interesting.
>the kind of education required for their jobs,
>were they good students as children, etc.
>Next I will have each child share something
>they liked about the person they read 
>about with the class.  Finally each child 
>will be required to choose one career and
>write an application for that job.