Your input!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Your input!
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 16:32:34 -0600


Thanks for your very thoughtful response to Chris' concerns about
the Challenge Question and Philip's input.  I found Philip's
explanation very throught-provoking and impressive.  His math
skills are *well* beyond mine also.  I much appreciate his ability to
logically analyze problems like CQ #2. Students like Philip deserve
to be recognized and I wanted to be sure that his hard work
benefitted all of us in this forum.

I also appreciate your comments about CQ's being for ALL and 
that we do not expect that each grade level range come up with
the same solutions as that is exactly true.  Consideration for the 
various grade level ranges for the weekly CQ answers does exist.  
We try to recognize 2-3 BEST responses per week from the various 
range of participants.

Some might feel more comfortable with the notion of CQ's for
different grade level ranges.  I have received notes on this
request from more than just Chris.  It's a possibility, but it's also
really inspiring to hear about Dave Grott's 6th graders refusing
to be stymied by CQ#3 this past week. They dug and dug and
used human models and came up with a solution they can support. Dave
shared the inside scoop about just how hard they worked on 
solving the latest puzzle.  It gave me renewed faith that kids
really want to be challenged.

That's what this is all about -- getting kids to THINK to REASON

Let's see what others think about the Challenge Questions and
what they feel ought to be done!

Thanks again.
Jan Wee, co-moderator of discusss-lfm