From: Jeroen Wierda <>
Subject: Help!
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 15:27:51 +-100


I am sorry to bother you all, but this message is for one person who's =
email address I don't have anymore: =20
A few weeks ago, I had a huge windows95 Crash resulting in the loss of =
all email and adresses sent and received after 9-28-96. On 10-15-96 I =
sent my first message to this discussion list to introduce myself and =
ask for Mars info. One person reacted personally on this message. If you =
read this please answer not to this list, but to me: =

I also have a small question to everyone: I really was looking forward =
to the launch of MGS, but due to wrong time calculation on my side I =
missed it. Is there anyone here who has the correct time difference =
between EST and GMT+1 (I live in Holland)?

Jeroen Wierda
President of PUFORI .and. ringmaster of "the Alien Ring"