How about COPY and PASTE

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: How about COPY and PASTE
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 22:21:49 -0600

Barbara and all,

Another way you can get around the hassles of printing the entire file,
even when it is organized into separate journal files, is to have
a word processor open on the desktop and "multi-task" -- switch 
back and forth between your word processor and Netscape or whatever
web browser that you use and *COPY and PASTE* the text you need from the
web site to your word processor. I am assuming that everyone
is used to the mouse for selecting text.  Even my former 8th graders '
became adept at the old copy and paste technique.  I am a Windows-based 
user and often use the "minimize" button and multi-tasking.  I am sure
Mac users have an easier time of it as they always tell me "everything's 
easier on a Mac!" 

I think Laura's idea of having an organized set of web links is
a great idea.  The links from the LFM site would be the ones
related to the Mars project (not all of NASA's sites), but Marc
and I can talk about what those links ought to be.  We already have
several links in place and, of course, those links are growing.

It was great to see the MGS liftoff today!  If anyone from this
list at the launch, please share!  

Jan Wee