RE: Tons of Web Sites!

From: Linda Conrad <>
Subject: RE: Tons of Web Sites!
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 17:17:44 -0800 (PST)

Hi Again Laura,

It occurred to me that if you had this question, you might not be alone,
so I'm going to repeat my response to the list:

Hi Laura,
I'm not sure if you're referring to a journal from the Live from Mars
site, but if you are a starting point for finding it would be:

Each person's bio is there as is a list of their journals once you open
the bio. If that's not successful, the search tool on LFM is quite good.
You'll find it in the top graphic under "Search this Web".

If I can help any further, please give me some hints as to what you
remember, and I'll see what I can do.


On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Laura Bashlor wrote:

> LFM Folk,
> I wonder if anyone else is as confused by all the NASA/LFM/KSC/PTK/Quest
> web sites as I am.  I now have a bookmark file full of fantastic sites
> and more coming every day.  The lastest was the CORE site from Jan Wee.
> I wonder if there is any site that has all of this in an organized
> index, if you will.  
> Just yesterday I went looking for a journal selection from one of the
> NASA scientists I had read.  I never did find it, but I found a lot of
> other neat stuff.  I will no doubt suddenly need something I saw
> yesterday and have to go searching again.  Maybe a special search engine
> just for the NASA sites should be developed.
> Any ideas?  Anyone with a ton of time to put that together?  Anyone able
> to point me toward that elusive journal entry?
> Laura (MI)